Production Services

Graphic Design
Imagery is the heart and soul of every media project. Creative, unique, and professional design separates your project from the oversaturated. Digital and print.
Never has there been more demand for professional photography. Stellar imagery is needed for websites, social media posts, product development, and advertising. An image is worth a thousand words–make sure those are good words.
Audio / Video
Audio and video dominate today's digital space. Without strategically utilizing this medium of expression and communication, capturing an audience is next to impossible.
You know movie trailers. Hype your upcoming book, album, or event with this style of advertising. Longer and more interesting than a traditional commercial, a theatrical trailer separates your product.
Apparel design for musicians, team sports, and corporations. Get your logo and graphic design on t-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, and polos. We've been making band shirts for decades, learn from our mistakes.
Print Media
Large projects from baseball cards, media guides, and music zines down to business cards and flyers. We've handled the print advertising of many large organizations, always creating fresh designs.

Morro Bay

Content Creation

What separates Surf Star Media is our superior content creation. It's not enough to simply be online, but the content you put out into the world must be compelling, engaging, and polished. Creative copy writing, professional photography, and memorable graphic design serves as the foundation of our projects. Audio and video is then added to develop your personality and enhance your relationship with viewers, visitors, and customers.

You Have A Website. Now What?

Chances are, you've devoted a lot of time into getting your brand or product online. The next step is the most important part: telling your story. Consistent professional imagery along with well written copy keeps people coming back, encourages sharing among their friends, develops your brand and separates you into becoming an industry leader.

Lean On Us

Not everyone has access to professional software, fantastic equipment, or possesses the knowledge to operate it all at a high level. It's taken us years and years to develop these skills, but that doesn't mean we're done learning. This industry is always changing, and we move right along with it. Understand digital media trends and ease some of the burden by outsourcing your content creation to competent and caring professionals.

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