The Ballad of Stevie Pearl cover


A Modern Fish-Out-Of-Water Crossed With Romeo & Juliet

“The world’s most successful and celebrated pop star. A Native American making a name for himself in LA. The two collide in a tattered love story, set in the glittery backdrop of Hollywood.”

FARMINGTON, ME, March 17- Author Sean “SW” Hammond of Colorado announces the release of his long awaited new adult novel, The Ballad of Stevie Pearl, as part of Surf Star Media’s Publishing line.

The novel presents itself as a sugary- sweet tale of a young woman crossed between the bubblegum pop of Taylor Swift and glamor of the Kardashian’s. Breakups, drama, and paparazzi act as a smokescreen, shadowing the true genius behind an empire and a powerful businesswoman taking command of her career.

An act of bravery in the current state of fiction, Hammond directly confronts systemic racism, sexism, and classism within society— and much like Stevie Pearl, the story’s teeth sink deeper into the mind than its glossy exterior.

Pulling from headlines and his real-life experience working in the music industry, Hammond’s realism creates an immediate emotional attachment with readers. This unexpected tragedy zips along as a quirky romantic comedy up until its final pages, combining pop culture references, witty dialog, and a poignant soundtrack for each chapter.

The Ballad of Stevie Pearl is a reflection wrapped around an entertaining ensemble of diverse characters. From unimaginable wealth to unbearable poverty, corruption, collusion, greed, power, influence, violence, friendship, loyalty, creativity, and blossoming new love. This novel leaves you trembling, a sweeping epic poised to consume Middle America.

“It’s a silly love story,” Hammond shrugged. “It’s got the shiny glitter, but never once did I underestimate your intelligence. It’s reality TV with heart. You come for the mindless entertainment and leave with your soul slipping from your fingers.”

The Ballad of Stevie Pearl is available for digital pre-order through all major online retailers and in hardcover and paperback on 11/15/2023. The novel's release date is 2/13/2024. Hammond is available for interviews and appearances. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for booking.