Graphic Design

Strong imagery is the soul of any web based project and key to identifying your brand. Most communication is done through imagery, rarely does a user read anything. Powerful graphic design accompanied with a couple words of explanation, hence the meme revolution, is how casual viewers become engaged readers.

Pushing graphic design into the next generation, touch screen devices survive soley on imaging:

  • Tap → Swipe → Pinch icons and images much lately?
  • Looking at this site on a Retina display?

Stunning photography and graphics edited specifically for your project will send sophistication over the top and impress even the most jaded office chair quarterback.

Graphic Design

Design Options

Graphic design goes way beyond the web- logos, t-shirts, business cards, album covers, packaging, etc.


A good phtographer can never be replaced but they can also get quite expensive. Lucky you, we live in the age where your cell phone comes equipped with 45 megapixel camera. With patience and proper lighting, most amatures can take amazing shots. Send those bad boys over to us and with a bit photo manipulation, airbrushing, and effects we can convince your Dad that college photography class was worth every penny.



The awesome thing about animation is that it's only limited by your imagination.


Photo Manipulation

Get crazy with the cheese whiz and mix photography with animation. The image below is anime Cowboy Bebop with the Atlanta skyline mixed with other worldly moons. 'Nuff sed.

Photo Manipulation


Turn the real world into a seamless graphic and throw a few bombs in for good measure.


Fool proof plan for success: Quality Raw Image → Surf Star Media → Magic → Presto!


Beauty in Simplicity

Imagery gives life and personality to your projects. Subtle quality graphics draws attention and reinforces the message that you're trying to convey. Elegance and sophistication is carefully designed, not happenstance.

Make a statement without saying a word.

Seeing is Believing

What is your project lacking? Photography → Branding → Animation → Manipulaiton → Graphic Design


Sunsets & Palm Trees

Graphic Design

Branding & Logos

Non-Standard Elements

Album Covers