From in-depth analytics finding your strengths and building upon them, to establishing new campaigns and goals, Surf Star Media has the experience to get you noticed. We've handled successful campaigns for Sony Music, Major League Baseball, Vans Warped Tour, and countless companies and individuals- viral, guerrilla, print, radio, and tv.


From getting your music on iTunes, Amazon, and Pandora to digitally publishing your novel on iBooks, Kobo, and INscribeDigital, Surf Star Media gets your finished product into the hands of the world. The most rewarding part of finishing something you've created is sharing it. Allow us to bridge the gap and help you generate revenue.


Branding and Online Image

Cultivating and polishing your online image is just as important and time consuming as the efforts you’ve made to stand out in the real world. Do you get a haircut? Take a shower? Keep current with fashion? Talk to people at the gas station or grocery store? All the things you do offline help establish your place in the community and build your reputation. The online world is no different.

With concise branding, network interaction, and staying current with the latest technologies and communications, you can build an online image that reflects who you are in the real world. Taking control of your online image establishes trust and credibility leading to greater clout and influence throughout the online realm.


Tools At Your Disposal

There’s no shame in asking for help. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses and devoting effort to your skill / trade are the ingredients for success. Celebrities, musicians, athletes, and large corporations understand this which is why they have a team of stylists, trainers, coaches, public relations agents, and marketing firms that control their image. Allow us to dedicate the same amount of attention to your online personality.

You're The Star

Careers have all shapes and sizes.

What are your goals? Releasing a new book? Growing your Twitter followers? Starting a new business? We take an honest and realistic approach to deliver results.

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